Conit has been formed in 2004 between two of the most active firms that worked on the ship building market since the first 90’s.
The main target was to offer a complete engineering service within the marine industry, on electrical and lighting systems and on control and automation systems.
During the years we received from our customers and the market a great positive feedback, this gave a strong pulse to the growth of our firm, up to reach a primary position in planning and realizing electric and electronic safety and monitoring integrated electrical systems.

Conit is based in Via Divisione Alpina Julia Nr.4, Staranzano (Italy) and occupies 18,000 sq.m split between production plant, office spaces and park lot. Over 300 people are directly employed by Conit, of which, 50 people are employed as technical managers and clerks.

Conit uses the latest research and development software and techniques to always guarantee the best technical solutions at competitive prices, in respect of quality and safety standards. It’s our peculiar distinction make custom design and solutions to meet specific customer needs, even the most complex ones, through innovation and a constant check of our product and services so that we can always give our customers up to date competitive products.
We always keep in mind the customer’s point of view and, has always been our aim exceed his expectations, giving high quality and efficiency.


Our experience can satisfy with fast timing every customer need, with the target of reducing design time and adapting the system to ISO UNI EN 9001:2015 quality standards. CONIT personnel behold a precious know-how and a solid experience built through the years, in fields like marine data network, ship safety and electrical systems. The strength of our firm is a well formed and constantly updated team of managers, engineers and technicians highly specialized in the marine industry.

Our engineering specialization includes:

  • Built-to-spec feasibleness study
  • Electronic and data network control engineering
  • Planning and As-built engineering
  • Turn key systems coordination planning and engineering.


From all these years of activity, the knowledge gained, merges with expertise, and with this in mind, on 2007 Conit starts to embrace the refurbishing world. The synergic use of human skills and resources has increased the number of always more demanding orders. Customer satisfaction is one of the main aims of our mission and the key of our success. In Italy and all over the world our clients give Conit their trust, gaining from it, high quality products and top quality after-sale service, whether this is on site, on call, or from our premises.

Our main guidelines are:

  • Meet customer expectations
  • Slim and flexible organization
  • Relational ethics
  • High Value of human skills


Building electrical distribution switchboards and network racks is made by highly qualified personnel and a strong structure behind them. Starting from the design to the application, we produce custom made switchboards and network racks on customer’s specifications with innovative problem solving.

Our switchboards whether for control, distribution, light dimming systems or data network racks are always built with regulatory bodies’ compliance in mind, with products of manufacturer selected through years of experience, guarantee of reliability and endurance. Our production processes start from the selection of the best products which have to meet our high requirements before going to the production phase, once the production has been assembled then they undergo a thorough quality control, before been sent to the delivery area. This always gives an “on time” delivery, meeting the best customer satisfaction.


We always welcome our customer and their representative to visit, prior arrangements, our production site and its offices, to evaluate the production and design facilities.


The firm’s experience, the use of qualified personnel, the deep knowledge of how the electrical systems on a cruise ship are made and their change through the years, allowed CONIT to offer a complete turn key service of electrical refurbishment, taking in charge the coordination and management of outsourced personnel like fitters, carpenters, welders, woodworkers, engineers, fiber optic technicians and system designers with peaks of teams of 640 people in refitting and 300 in new ship building.

We’ve worked both in our country and abroad and have always fulfilled our customer’s requirements. Even in the retrofit industry CONIT stands for reliability, fast service and meeting customer deadlines.